THEME 2019

Convergence Of Fractals

Geometrically, it is a curve whose each part is capable of rendering the entire curve all over again. Philosophically, it is eternity present at any scale and form of whatever we may do. It, here, is a fractal.
The intertwined nature of fractals gives us tremendous power to influence change in the entire fractal with a change even at the smallest scale imaginable, thus valuing every change in its development.
Fractals exist as complex entities to sight but mathematically they are just simple repeating equations graphed infinitely. In recent years, fractals have become the talk of almost everything. Scientists began to see the correlation between fractals and so many natural objects and processes. In fact, they realised that the world’s best researcher, nature, has been utilising them for billions of years in providing complex life-sustaining applications through simplicity. The galaxies, the lungs, the streaks of lightning, and the horns of a buck are all fractals. If speculations are to be true, the way we may think could also be fractal of thought due to interconnections of a never-ending streak of memories. Prompting us that all the individuals around us could be unique fractals of thought and emotion designed by nature.
Our festival is a fractal too, a fractal of the tech world capable of bringing it in its entirety at our campus. The dynamic nature of technology lets Abhikalpan be the platform where the unique fractals, the natural wonders and the amazing individuals, converge to change the direction of the tech world towards a sustainable future.